New Connection

New Connection - No Previous Connection

  1. Complete "Request for Sanitary Sewer Service Availability Determination" (see form below).
  2. After it is determined that sewer service is available, construction may commence.
  3. Complete "Application for Sanitary Sewer Installation" (see form below) and submit to DLSD with required connection fee and administration fee.  The 2024 fee for a new connection is $7,255 per residential connection.  The breakdown of this fee is listed below.
  4. No less than one full business day in advance of the inspection, the plumber or property owner must call for lateral documentation.
  5. The lateral may not be covered until properly documented by DLSD staff and a complete lateral drawing is made for the files.
  6. Property will be considered a customer for billing purposes the 1st month after connection.

All work done which involves our public sewer system must be completed by a plumber licensed by the State of Wisconsin.  If you have questions please stop in and talk with us.

2024 Fees

WalCoMet Connection Fee: $4,230.00
WalCoMet - Administration Fee $    75.00
DLSD Main Sewer Connection Charge: $2,850.00
DLSD- Administration Fee $   100.00
Building Sewer Permit Inspection Fee $       0.00
TOTAL: $7,255.00